Giving Thanks [9] & 5minFri: Quiet

Today I am Giving Thanks for: Quiet. Slowing Down. Rest.

It has been a full week. Wind. Cold. ‘New’ President. Local government changeover decisions. A day of nearly 24 non-stop on the go in multiple directions. Followed by Vince getting 4 teeth pulled. Then we came to a halt. Abruptly. All 3 of us were so very exhausted and tired. We just shut down. That isn’t necessarily a good way to have quiet, slow down, or rest. So, I’m giving thanks for what I don’t feel right now, in anticipation of it coming :-D.

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Go:: Quiet is something I want. I ache for. Lately I’ve been using Christmas music to ‘quiet’ myself.

This week has not been quiet. at. all. As I described above, we kind of crashed into quiet yesterday. Not the way I think we should strive for quiet in our hearts. To me, to be quiet in my heart is to be in constant communication with my Heavenly Father, but not in a desperate-I need an answer – what do you want me to do – please be with/help… way. I mean quiet in the way of being thankful. Listening. Hearing. To Him. Not me talking.

This morning was quiet. After all we were drag-down-tired. I let my kids just sleep. We all needed it – them to have sleep, me to not be on mom/teacher/head of the house duty. It was 11 this morning when I finally decided to get them up. About the same time I heard car doors. I’m home alone and my niece isn’t coming for another hour – so who was here? I had a moment of panic – after all, it’s 11AM. My children are BOTH still in bed (even the one normally up at 7:30 each day). And I was still bedhead. in my jammies! It was their science teacher. OOOPS! Well, needless to say all quiet, slowing down, and rest came to an abrupt end!  I thought she was coming next week. ::Stop

{I think that was 5 min – in those 5 min I got a phone call on the house phone, then on the cell, then on the house again….normally I’d ignore them, but they were all calls being waited for.} So, anyway – thankfully, she is an amazingly gracious woman and was cool with the fact my kids were still in bed & was answering the door {setting off the house alarm} in my jammies. {insert total-shame-faced-I’m-a-dork smile}

She retired a couple years ago, after teaching middle schoolers for 40 years!!!!!!  She is coming to teach/do science labs with my kids just for ‘fun’ – just because she loves kids & science. Can you even imagine? I love kids (can’t say middle school is my favorite) but definitely NOT science. My kids are the two oldest of the four homeschool families with 14 children she is teaching.

More explanation on the above – Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year, it resembles slowing down, crafting, sewing, reading, take a break from the hussle & bussle of life. So this year I have found Christmas instrumental music to be incredibly relaxing. No words. and I think about crafting, sewing, slowing down. I’m ready. {note: this 5minFri post has taken me 2.5 hours…. this is definitely a messed up day! :-)}