Five Minute Friday: Fight

rusty chain on wooden post It’s the first Friday in a brand new year. I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. 


::START:: Fight. So much is fighting for space in my head right now. I had to fight to narrow down my one word. I will have to fight to hang onto my one word for 365 days. My one word: trust.


Trust is something I look forward to hanging onto and learning and seeing how it changes life. I will trust I can win this fight. I know, “With Him all things ARE possible.” Phil. 4:13. But, I will have to fight to trust in my heart of hearts this is true.

 I will have to fight to stay close to my two children, 16 & 13 are not ages when kids typically want their parent. It is a time they need their parent – whether they realize that or not. I will fight to trust.

I will have to fight to hang onto all I have learned in the last year. I don’t want the pain of 2013 to be wasted. I will fight to trust 2014 will be better.

I will have to fight to not fear. Fear has had its way with me enough. I’m done. I will trust to be able to fight fear. :: STOP::

Have you participated in FiveMinute Friday before? If not, it’s a great time to start! Go on over to her blog to see the “rules”. Happy writing.


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    Joy here, stopping by from Five-Minute-Friday. Trust is such a powerful thing, but also such a hard thing. And once broken, it’s a fight to be able to trust again. I hear a lot of determination in your writing and a strong will to fight. May you achieve all that you are fighting for and know that the Lord is also fighting for you (exodus 14:14)

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    Hey there! I am popping over from my blog after reading your comment from Five Minute Friday…
    I love this post!! You know, fighting the good fight does take trust, that is so true. So glad I found your blog!