Brothers in action…

I’m writing as a proud sister. For those who don’t know – I have two younger brothers, one is a missionary helicopter pilot in the Philippines and the other is an Alaskan Bush pilot. I could not be more proud of either one, we have rarely all lived in the same city at the same time – but we are very close. This is a gift of grace, when I left home I couldn’t stand either one. As in, didn’t ever choose to be in the same room.

In my defense, I was a senior. they were middle school boys. enough said.

However, today, 20+ years later, it is a whole different ball game. I could not be more proud of them, their choices, the way they parent, the husbands they are. <– Let this be an encouragement to all  moms with children fighting, what seems like, endlessly. day after day. In addition, I am so appreciative of the uncles are been to my children. The father role model my children don’t get to experience first hand, but they do get to see lived out as an example. they do watch. and they are learning from my brothers, their uncles.

Here are some pictures of the extremes my brothers are living right now – none of these pictures are mine. The pictures of Zach are from a MAF missionary who flew with him this week to help get supplies unloaded and given to those in need. They are covering so much ground each day. If you are looking for a place to donate money to help those devastated by the typhoon, check out NTMA’s website for more information. As I said earlier in the week, my brother is getting to be the ‘last link’ in a long chain to get the much needed supplies to people – ongoing donations are a huge blessing. These are amazing photos! The other pictures are Matt’s, you can visit his blog to see more about his amazing life – in his own words.

Z unloading heli on beach

My brother is the one with the helmet on unloading supplies. They pay close attention to the weight distribution in the heli, so small bags makes it much easier to pack, shift, and re-pack – and makes use of every square inch of the inside. This is how food stuff is packed for the missionaries too.

Z in heli beach in background

I love this picture of Zach with the bubble and the beach. You see him flying, and you see the surroundings too. Look at that amazing view (and the heartbreaking devastation)!

While he roasts and has to figure out how to keep cool while flying, Matt has to make sure he has survival gear for the cold. Can’t get much more extreme flying condidtions- I suspect the temps they were flying in this week were 100* apart, at the minimum. almost the whole time. This is assuming it was at least 80* outside for Zach at all times (a pretty safe assumption I think); I know Matt said on his blog, he was flying with the temps on the ground being -25*.

NTMA plane of islands water

I’m assuming this is looking out of the helicopter, looking at one of the NTMA planes. That’s a WHOLE lot of water!!!

heli on beach

Here you see some bigger bags. It looks like Zach is getting more out of the helicopter yet (I can see his legs and body leaning in on other side), or maybe he’s preparing to take off again. If you remember, he said people weren’t sure what he was doing landing on their beach. I kind of thought he meant near, or around, their beaches. I didn’t realize he meant literally landing on white sand beaches. There are some amazing photos of their smiling faces, you can see their gratitude for the help. I’m not posting those though because they’re not my photos and you can see the faces so clearly.


Jump a few thousand miles north (5,000+), and now you see Matt’s view this week. Do you see the sun hitting the top of Denali/McKinley? Brrr! it makes me cold just looking at this photo.

medium_IMG_2008This is what Matt spends his days flying in. This plane is basically a member of the family. I especially like it with its bush wheels on :-). This was actually taken 3 weeks ago. Everything is very white today. We had negative temps, rain, then snow in a matter of about 24 hours. Currently it is a balmy 23* and we have about 1.5ft of fresh, white snow. Winter has arrived.

{Also, update on dad. Surgery went well. It was NOT cancerous – praise the Lord! They are currently en route – he’s even well enough to be looking forward to his favorite coffee in the Seattle airport – to pick up their new-to-them truck and drive it home. They wont’ actually be driving for a couple days yet. A little bit of work has to be done first – but he found the wheel he needed on the way to the airport in Texas. :-)}